Tech interviews aren’t just for companies to evaluate you — they’re also an opportunity for you to get to know the culture and style of a company. By asking relevant questions, you can show that you’re a discerning candidate and distinguish yourself from the pack.

Typically, near the end of a technical round, there’ll be some time for you to ask questions about the company’s culture, technology, or management processes. Here’s a list of questions you can ask at your next interview. You should choose a few appropriate questions based on what matters most to you and be prepared to ask them!


  • In general terms, how would you describe the work culture?
  • What kind of traits do people who do well here possess?
  • How is internal mobility regarded?
    • What does it take to switch teams?
    • Is switching teams encouraged?
  • What’s work life balance like?
    • What time do you get in/out?
    • Do you work on the weekends?
  • For companies with unlimited vacation, how many days of vacation does the average employee take?


  • What tech stack are you on?
  • Am I interviewing for a specific team? Or for a general position?
  • What’s being oncall like?
  • How often is the release cadence? This can range from multiple times to day to once every few months.
  • Most exciting project you’ve worked on?
  • What are some frustrations you’ve experienced recently?


  • Accountability for direction? Who’s responsible if a project fails?
  • What’s the mentorship/onboarding process like?
  • What’s on your roadmap for the next 3 months?
  • Who sets the roadmap?
    • Is it top-down or bottom-up?
    • Is it engineer-driven or product-driven?
  • What is the performance review cycle like?
  • What’s the average retention of an employee?
  • How fast do you plan to grow? Some companies aim to double year over year, others try to hire at a much slower rate.

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